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Visit the link above to hear the pod-cast I recorded with one of my favourite career experts, Mildred Talabi.
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Latest post is up over at The Berkshire Blog http://theberkshireblog.com/2013/12/03/facebook-enemies/

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Career gaps: How to make most of time out of work 
21 Nov 2013 Daniel Walker, author of Amazon eBook Mind the Career Gap, gives exciting and successful pointers

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Visit the Berkshire Blog to read our blog about the current state of emplyment on the High Street.


And....look at the buzz its creating!


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<![CDATA[Press Release]]>Sat, 31 Aug 2013 18:44:46 GMThttp://www.mindthecareergap.com/blog/press-releaseMIND THE CAREER GAP

By Daniel Walker and David Palmer Mitchell

Published by Frankman Press, July 2013, £1.99


Award winning careers advisers Walker and Mitchell have teamed up to help anyone struggling in the current recession to manage a widening career gap with their refreshingly useful guide MIND THE CAREER GAP.

 Daniel and David are not the stuffy, unrealistic careers advisers you remember from school. They are passionate about helping clients find careers that inspire and fulfil them and they don’t believe the journey to that should be any less enjoyable.

Daniel Walker After an inauspicious journey through school and university, Daniel worked a series of day jobs and toured the country as bass guitarist with a band by night. When Daniel began yearning something more fulfilling from his day job, he began work as a careers adviser and over the past six years has experimented with a wide range of ideas to help himself and others to push themselves up  “the scrapheap” and compete with those who have “model” CVs.

In July 2011 Daniel was lead careers adviser in the small Bridge2Employment team which was awarded the Howard League Prize for supporting ex-offenders into employment, education and training.

David Palmer-Mitchell did not follow a conventional education path. At 28 David had no qualifications or prospects yet by 34 he was a qualified careers adviser, university lecturer and computer technician. David made these changes with hard work, determination, learning to take opportunities and by embracing the simple steps included in this guide.

Both Daniel and David work as full time careers advisers but they noticed that many people were struggling with managing demoralising full time job searching and career gaps that were getting ever bigger, and making finding work a struggle. They decided that this was unnecessary and they teamed up to create a practical, user friendly approach to ending the cycle of long term job searching becoming a barrier to employment and ultimately fulfilment.

This book is full of useful and innovative methods to help you take control of your career gap. This includes detailed information on:

How to gain qualifications FOR FREE,

How to select suitable volunteering and present it on your CV

Business enterprise ideas with no investment required

Reducing 40 hours of weekly job search to 15

And more!

With MIND THE CAREER GAP Walker and Mitchell have provided the tools for you to use a career gap to your advantage this exciting non-fiction debut promises to change the way you view the time between jobs.



  GEORGIA AT FRANKMANPRESS E:  (georgialeejones@hotmail.co.uk)

<![CDATA[Mind the Zero Hours Contract gap]]>Wed, 07 Aug 2013 12:32:06 GMThttp://www.mindthecareergap.com/blog/mind-the-zero-hours-contract-gapWhen your zero hour contract isn’t working for you.

According to Vince Cable, 1 million people in the UK could now be working on zero hour contracts. For many people this suits them, particularly students and people nearing retirement but for others this kind of job can reduce their chances of career progression due to the lack of responsibility,training and opportunities offered to them.

I would recommend to anyone unhappy in their zero hours contract job to take control of their situation by building their employability and CV  through:

Voluntary work  -
visit www.do-it.org and find a role you’ll enjoy

Business enterprise
Visit http://www.fivesquids.co.uk/
What can you offer?

Self- study – There are countless options!
Here’s one  http://www.open.edu/openlearn/ 

The above options are open to EVERYBODY. You can start today.

By all means spend time applying for permanent positions but don’t let this consume all of your time.

Take control of your future and don’t let your current situation leave you on the scrap heap.


<![CDATA[Hello!]]>Sun, 30 Jun 2013 11:58:36 GMThttp://www.mindthecareergap.com/blog/helloHello and thank you for visiting the site. This Thursday is the launch date for Mind the Career Gap, a book David and I have been working on for over a year. The topic is one we're very passionate about and we've been applying the book's techniques to the careers guidance work we do daily with fantastic results. Now we're really excited to share our book with the rest of the world!

We'd be very happy to hear from anyone with their own tips or stories of career gaps so please do get in touch!]]>